Investing in the future York Supplies

It’s great to be a part of a new Cooperative in Kings Heath – York Supplies Community Cooperative, and now’s your chance to be a part of it! Join by 7th September and Dept for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities will double our investment.

Even though over a tenth of the world population is part of a cooperative and in the UK it’s one fifth, sometimes it’s not obvious why a coop would work, or even when you are in a coop.

We passed ‘The Anglers Rest’ on holiday. From the outside it looks like a regular quaint Peak District pub, but it’s actually a community-owned pub, shop, post office & cafe, with rotating local artwork and a hub for many local activities.

CAMRA ‘Pub of the Month’ April 2015

If any proof were needed that Cooperatives are a great model for running a locally focussed business, as well as acting as a hub to support all kinds of activities, it is here in Bamford. In late 2012 a campaign was started after the pub was threatened with closure. There was an overwhelming local response, and since then the pub has expanded the services it offers, including activities like tree planting, holiday activities and heritage work documenting the history of people living in this old mill town on the edge of Kinder Scout.

Archived webpage 11 Nov 2013
Graphic illustration of Bamford History, at the Train station

York Supplies has been serving the Kings Heath community for 75 years. Founded in 1947 by Sid Yapp, his brother Harry and friend Horace Russell. Horace’s son, John Russel came to the launch of the community group, and will be speaking at a presentation of the history of York Supplies during Heritage Week (8-17th September) on 10th September 3pm–4.30pm at Kitchen Garden Cafe:

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