Hear Here Her Story (2023-present)

  • Hear Here Bertha Ryland
    Birmingham suffragette Bertha Ryland inspired women taking part in Hear Here Her story. Born in Edgbaston in 1882, a stone’s throw from Martineau Gardens where Hear Hear workshops were taking place, Bertha Ryland was a leading figure in the sufragette movement, who by 1914 had already been imprisoned twice, been on hunger strike and force
  • 16 Days uncloaking violence against women
    Violence against women stops us all being free and living the lives we choose. We began 16 days of activism celebrating the lives and stories of women and marking Elimination of Violence against Women day by revealing Ophelia’s ‘Cloak of Power’, at the Library of Birmingham. The thirteen metre Cloak represents the stories and lives
  • Hear Hear Malala Yousafzai
    ‘Proud Brummie’ Malala Yousafzai inspires women whose stories, through Hear Here Her story, will be contributed to our Archives within the Library of Birmingham. On Saturday 25th November, 2-4pm, at the Library of Birmingham, we will mark ‘Elimination of Violence against Women Day’.  Women from across Birmingham and Solihull, exploring stories like Malala’s, have created
  • Hear Here, Ida B Wells
    For Hear Here Her Story we were inspired by Ida B Wells. At the unveiling of her blue plaque at Edgbaston Community Centre in February 2019, there was a lecture given by Dr. Hannah-Rose Murray, author of ‘The Black People’s Side of the Story: Ida B Wells and the Ant-lynching Crusade of Britain 1893-1894.’ Dr.
  • A ‘Cloak of Power’ for Ophelia
    During Hear Here workshops this year we explored representations of Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet in The Shakespeare Memorial Library. We were interested in how she made herself heard, and how women have fought to be heard. From this we developed our Cloak covered in the many stories of women. By sharing stories and looking further
  • Hear Here Her Story
    Come and join us to celebrate women and their stories 2 to 4pm on Saturday 25th November 2023 Hear Here has been a series of arts and well-being workshops for women and girls taking place across Birmingham and Solihull leading to our live performance at the Library of Birmingham on 25th November 2023. Working with
  • Saving stories to share stories at risk
    Our recent work with Friction and the Library of Birmingham has been underpinned by Archives – exploring, documenting and creating new responses to them, building a fuller picture of our city by the people least well represented in it. The partnership began with support From The National Archives ‘Records at Risk’ programme. In 2022 Friction
  • Hear Here, Ophelia
    Great to be working with Everything to Everybody, Friction Arts, Library of Birmingham funded by Arts Council and Heritage Lottery, thanks to National Lottery players. We’ve started arts, performance & archive workshops with women & girls, exploring creative story sharing of the complexities of emotional agency in today’s worlds. The workshops will culminate in a