The End of Reason 1916, in Schools now

‘Lie of the land’ – a site specific Big Brum drama
at Highbury Hall earlier this year

Big Brum Theatre in Education Company have started their autumn term tour into schools with their third World War One play, ‘Over The Top’. 

Summer 1916. 141 days of horror begin as the Battle of the Somme becomes one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history.  The play and Theatre in Education programme tells the story of a young Irish soldier joining up against the background of the Easter uprising in Dublin, as his childhood sweetheart is sent to a hospital receiving casualties from the first few days of the Battle of the Somme. 

“It’s not the missing limbs that haunts you. Its what’s missing behind the eyes, inside.” 

Themes of duty, home identity and belonging will be explored with children and young people as relevant to their own lives today. The play is suitable for Year 5 and Year 6 in primary schools and all years at secondary. It tours until the end of the autumn term. For more details or to discuss a booking for your school, 
Please contact Matt at Big Brum on 0121 749 2450 or email”

Or visit Big Brum to find out more

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