Cooperate :)

If you are interested in people, stories, your local area, and sharing our heritage and culture, then maybe People’s Heritage Co-operative is for you!

We are a group of heritage practitioners who want to work collaboratively to develop exciting creative projects that record the stories of Birmingham people for interest and for our  historical record.

We want to support others doing the same things by promoting what you do, sharing resources and sharing practice.

We are a free, open organisation that is member led and run, by the people for the people (of Brum!)

Please join us virtually by signing up to the blog and following us @PHCooperative and in real life by coming to our member meetings. First one is this Friday 25th April at 1:00 at Aroma Cafe, University of Birmingham.

If you have a project you want to share, an idea for a project you need support with, or you like the look of working with us on one of our projects, then please get in touch.

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