Sunday carboot at Wholesale Market, going, going

Sunday morning we arrive at the car boot, packed with people and traders.  We have cameras and are ready to photo what could be one of the last Sunday carboot sales at Birmingham Wholesale Market:

‘We just turn up and hope it’s still here’

Says Andy from APS recycling, one of the 200 or so stalls there today.

Birmingham’s Wholesale Market is the largest integrated Wholesale Market in the UK. It includes horticultural, meat, fish and poultry markets, as well as warehouses and ancillary accommodation.  The Wholesale Market is currently located in the city centre, but will be moving to Witton later this year.

Andy and Chris from APS recycling 

When it does go, so will the carboot, although the future of Sunday Carboot is even less certain than the new Wholesale Market in Witton, some 5 miles out from the city centre.

But today we’re just there to enjoy the Carboot and take some photos for Friction Art’s ‘Wholesale Memory’ project, documenting the old Wholesale Market and the people who use it.

For all our photos:


Cyber-Freya, along with other goodies from the Carboot

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