HeritageMeet 2017

On a cold, wet evening in Digbeth, at the home of Friction Arts, we meet to discuss heritage for the coming week, month, year and decade or so.  It’s the third annual PHC get together to
take stock of what we do, and what we want to do.

We’re at the Edge because of Friction Arts (thanks Guys), and because we’re all, in the words of Prof. Ian Grosvenor from last year’s event, ‘serious about intervention’.  Political events locally, regionally, nationally, Brexitionary and the rest of the World in the last year give urgency – to make clear there are principles, ideas, and our heritage worth fighting for.

The imminent relocation of the Wholesale Market down the road was discussed, and compared with similar issues across the UK and in New York.  What about Schools?  How do young people learn about (all) our culture? Where do they see themselves in it?  Our trades, our industrial heritage, how can they access, learn, take part?

From history buses and letterboxes to catacombs and mining communities we discussed opportunities, partnerships and how our Co-op can make a difference.  How are we going to continue to define ourselves?  Do we need a People’s Heritage Manifesto?

As always, plenty of questions, but also practical solutions and support to develop our major new project exploring the Representation of the People act (1918) in Birmingham, and how we will support heritage projects across the Midlands.

Thanks everyone who took part and here’s looking forward to a brave new 2018!  Also we’re meeting next Aroma Cafe, University of Birmingham 3rd November 12pm – join us.

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