Bring your stories to Sarehole Mill

Over the past few months we have had the opportunity to interview people at Sarehole Mill about their memories of the mill and the area.

It’s been a very enjoyable experience hearing people reminisce about the place, their tales of playing their as children, coming on a school trip and one lady actually remembering the miller leaning over the gate at the front of the mill.

Almost everyone talks about the beautiful green space as a haven in a city, something they remember feeling when they first visited and perhaps feel even more now.

Here’s a clip from Bridget recalling the story of her first visit as a babe in arms.

We’re at Sarehole Mill again this Sunday(28th September) between 12 and 3 to record memories so if you have a story to share or just a little memory of your first visit to the place or the area we’d love to hear it. Please ask anyone you know to come along too.

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